Introducing Myself - Brandt Smith

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Introducing Myself - Brandt Smith

Postby Brandt Smith » Sun Feb 21, 2010 12:36 pm

Hi, my name is Brandt Smith and I'm the co-author of My College Degree Fast. We came up with the idea for the book because we kept getting asked "how did you do it?"

Back in 1997 we had to figure this all out on our own. It took a lot of digging and trial-and-error. We took a few missteps, but in the end figured it out.

I am also evidence this works. I've used it to earn two bachelors degrees. It does take some work, but it is amazing how much quicker and easier it is, not to mention the much lower cost!

I've also helped others earn their degree. I'm not unique. Just about anyone can do it once you know how.
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